The Mite Fight Series

Become Part of the Fight and Raise Funds for Your Program At the Same Time

This year we are introducing the Mite Fight Series as a way to get the youngest members of our hockey communities involved in the fight against cancer and at the same time raise money for their association.

What is involved:

  1. Email Matt Feyen to let him know you want to make your Mite Jamboree part of the Mite Fight Series
  2. We will set up a fundraising page for your event and send you helmet decals, stick tape and signs to hang up at your jamboree
  3. You promote your page however and to whomever you want to; family members, friends, local businesses, etc through email, social media, posters at your arena…
  4. 50% of all funds raised will be paid to your association as a sponsorship fee and the remainder will go to Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer and the American Cancer Society of Minnesota or the cause of your choice.
  5. The Jamboree raising the most will be awarded the inaugural Mite Fight Series traveling trophy

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