Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer?

Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer is a 501c3 that is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to energize the Minnesota Hockey Community to help in the fight against cancer. Our goal is to have 100% of Minnesota Hockey Teams (especially Mite through High School) hold a hockey fights cancer game.

How do we choose who to support with our fundraising efforts?

A primary reason that we established our organization was to allow teams to support any organization, family or individual fighting cancer. We strongly encourage teams do their fundraising for organizations in Minnesota and even in their local communities, however teams can also choose to support organizations nationally. Families and individuals should be members of local or neighboring communities.

When registering there is a pull down list of options, but if the organization is not listed just choose other and list the name of the organization you choose.

What do we do with cash or checks collected at our event?

When you collect cash at your event you can get the money to us in one of the following ways:

  1. Write a check for the total amount to Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer and write in the Memo line the team, association or school to credit the payment to and mail it to: Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer / 13466 Coachford Way / Rosemount, MN 55068
  2. Submit the payment by credit card to your team site
  3. If you are near enough to Rosemount you can contact us at to arrange to drop it off.
If someone wants to write out a check for a donation who do they write the check out to?

Write the check out to Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer

How does Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer make money?

Our organization is a volunteer run 501c3 organization and we cover our expenses through donations. These donations can be from monetary donations through our partner program or by teams choosing to support our efforts as their chosen cause.

What are Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer’s expenses?

Our primary expenses are the games supplies (tape, lapel pins, pucks, helmet stickers), shipping game supplies and marketing our efforts. We do not have any paid employees.

When does our fundraising site close?

Fundraising sites stay open from the time they are established through the last weekend of the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament.

Why is the total amount our organization receives less than what it shows on our fundraising site?

The only amount that is subtracted from the total amount raised by a team are the credit card transaction fees so the total amount actually paid out will reflect a small reduction due to credit card fees. We are looking at solutions in the future to reduce or eliminate these charges.

How can we help Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer’s efforts?

There are several ways that you can consider to help our efforts. A few options are:

  • Making a donation as an individual
  • Having your business or a business you are affiliated with join our Partner in the Fight program
  • Volunteering to help with outreach throughout the hockey season to teams, associations and schools
  • Volunteering to help deliver game supplies in your local community
  • Helping with game days or events in your local community
  • Sharing other ideas you feel will help our organization