The John Gegen Cup

The John Gegen Cup, awarded by Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer, honors the association each year that raises the most funds from November to April as part of the NHL campaign benefiting the American Cancer Society.

About John Gegen

Eight years ago, at the age of five, John Gegen was diagnosed with Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma. He endured 18 months of a very difficult treatment regimen, followed by a 2 year clinical trial. John spent many weeks in the hospital during that time. Anyone that walked into his hospital room quickly learned of his love of hockey! The walls and shelves were adorned with hockey posters, hockey jerseys, mini hockey sticks, and a hockey game was almost always on the television. John’s favorite sport was just the diversion he needed. Today, John is a 13 year old hockey loving, hockey playing , cancer survivor!


Rosemount Area Hockey Association


Hastings Hockey Association