Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer was established by 4 Your Cause with a mission to energize the hockey community in Minnesota to support the fight against cancer.

The origins of Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer was in support of the NHL Hockey Fights Cancer campaign benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Started in 2018 by the founder of 4 Your Cause, when his son asked if he could get the same stickers worn by the NHL players for his helmet. He got the stickers through the HFC Assist program and the Rosemount Area Hockey Association Squirt A team raised $837. This was the most any youth hockey team raised in the nation and the state of Minnesota led the nation with less than $2000 raised.

That same year the founder of 4 Your Cause had led the effort along with other members of the Rosemount Football boosters to raise $5000 in one night for the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund.

He knew the State of Hockey should be able to better than $2000 in 5 months and in 2019, Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer was established to ensure that the 2019-2020 season would be much more successful. Focusing on recruitment and supporting individual teams first in Minnesota District 8 and then furthering the effort across the state a total of 82 teams enrolled and participated in the program. The top team, Hastings Hockey Association Squirt B, raising more than $4000 and the campaign raised more than $35000.

In addition to the support and incentives from the NHL, Minnesota Wild and the local team from the American Cancer Society of Minnesota; Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer established the John Gegen Cup and the Cap George MVP Award, the Michael Weiss Fight Championship and the We Fight Award to provide incentive and recognition for the top association, high school, team and individuals for their efforts in the fight.

Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer looks forward to continuing to support the expansion of the NHL Hockey Fights Cancer program in the state of Minnesota and as part of 4 Your Cause will continue to expand its support of nonprofits in the fight against cancer throughout the State of Hockey.

For additional information contact:

Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer

13466 Coachford Way
Rosemount, MN 55068