The Cap George MVP Award

The Cap George MVP Award, awarded by Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer, honors the individual(s) each year that distinguish themselves in their efforts support their associations to raise funds as part of the NHL campaign benefiting the American Cancer Society.

About Cap George

On Tuesday March 10, 2020 heaven recruited Cap George at the age of 17. Cap was one of the sweetest children, one of the proudest brothers, one of the most heartwarming sons, one of the greatest friends, and one of the most joy filled human beings to ever walk on earth.

Cap loved hockey.  He would tell his father often that he wished he played both hockey and basketball when they would skate in their backyard.

For 4 years, the George family installed a small rink in their backyard. They maintained it frequently with a homemade copper zamboni “rake”.  Caps Dad said, “We had some of our favorite family nights with the rink lit up and the three boys and me playing 2 on 2.”

During the winter of 2019-2020, even though he could barely walk without  almost falling he was telling his mother and father that he wanted to get out and skate.  They had to tell him, “Cap, let’s work on walking first, that might be too dangerous right now, but we can work on it down the road.”

Cap was a junior at Rosemount Senior High School where he participated in football, basketball, and sang in the Rosemount Choir. Cap was an exceptional student and leader, always concerned about his grades and had a thirst to learn. He was an A honor roll student, accepted into the National Honor Society, and an active member of the Rosemount Student Council. Cap epitomized the Irish Way by excelling in all three phases – Academics, Arts, and Athletics – a person who pushes his mind, body, and spirit.

Out of the hundreds of qualities Cap brought to life, one of the most endearing was how Cap led the the fun in the George home. He thoroughly enjoyed ganging up with his brothers to make his parents the butt of as many jokes as they could. One of his Mom’s and Cap’s favorite things was teaming up and using witty banter to joke and mock Dad. Cap continued this everywhere he went – the school, the field, the court, to friends, and the Rosemount community. Cap lived to have fun, laugh, love, and light up any room with his million-watt smile.

2019-2020 Recipients

Allisa Stoffel, Hastings Hockey Association

Alissa led the charge for the top fundraising Association, Hastings Hockey Association. Alissa was on the forefront of the effort to get more teams involved and helped develop new ideas and create a better experience with the new Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer effort. Alissa led the charge to make sure the teams had enough of the “I Fight For” signs and the teams efforts to create events around the games were great. The events included ribbon sales, bake sales, ceremonial puck drops and there was lavender everywhere. Alissa also made sure that posters were made to promote the events in the month where they focused their efforts. Alissa checked in weekly, and sometimes more often, to find out which of her association teams had not designated their HFC game yet. Hastings led with having the most teams with designated games, no doubt due in large part to Alissa’s efforts to support them and make sure the games got designated.

Michelle TeBrake, Chaska Chanhassen Hockey Association

The 2019-2020 effort got off to a start in November 2019 with a focus just on District 8, but shifted gears in January 2020 with a social media and email marketing effort focused on the entire state. Michelle approached Minnesota Hockey Fights Cancer with the idea of getting their entire lower program engaged during their Hockey Hoopla tournament. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the tournament didn’t happen, but Chaska Chanhassen raised the greatest amount of money in the month of February 2020 and ended up third among all associations. Just the number of “I Fight For” signs that the American Cancer Society provided for Chaska Chanhassen was indication of the huge possibilities for what Hockey Hoopla could have been.