Spring Lake Park Mite Jamboree

Spring Lake Park Youth Hockey Association Mite Jamboree is proud to be a participant in the MN Hockey Fights Cancer Mite Fight Series sponsored by the Minnesota Wild. The Mite Fight Series is an opportunity for the youngest skaters in the state to participate in their own hockey fights cancer game. MN Hockey Fights Cancer’s goal is to get 100% of teams in Minnesota to hold a game supporting a cause they choose, which can be an individual, family, or organization. The top jamboree in the state will win the Bruce Olson Mite Fight Series Championship. All teams participating in the jamboree have a link below, and the funds each team raises go toward their association total to win the John Gegen Cup.

Mite A
MVI A Green – Donate
New Prague A  – Donate
Rosemount A Gold – Donate
SLP A Red – Donate

Mite B
Blaine B Huskies – Donate
Blaine B Mavericks – Donate
Elk River B Black – Donate
Elk River B Grey Elks – Donate
SLP B Blue – Donate
SLP B White – Donate
Stillwater B Penquins – Donate
Woodbury B Royal –Donate

Mite C
Andover C White –Donate
Andover C U8 Futures – Donate
Andover C Gold – Donate
Andover C Black – Donate
Andover C Silver – Donate
Anoka C White –Donate
Anoka C Pink – Donate
Blaine C Bruins – Donate
Blaine C Kings – Donate
Blaine C Jets –Donate
Blaine C Predators – Donate
Princeton C Black – Donate
Princeton C Orange –Donate
Rogers C Oilers – Donate
Rogers C Jets – Donate
Rogers C Kraken  – Donate
SLP C Red – Donate
SLP C Sky Blue – Donate
SLP C Blue – Donate
SLP C White – Donate

Mite D
Andover D Black – Donate
Andover D Gold  – Donate
Andover D Sliver – Donate
Andover D White – Donate
Andover D Black – Donate
Anoka D Gray –Donate
Anoka D Maroon – Donate
Anoka D White – Donate
Blaine D Black – Donate
Blaine D Gray – Donate
Blaine D Royal Blue – Donate
Blaine D Navy – Donate
Blaine D Orange – Donate
Blaine D Yellow – Donate
Blaine D Red –Donate
Blaine D White – Donate
Elk River D Green Elks – Donate

Forest Lake D – Donate
Rogers D Predators – Donate 
Rogers D Wild – Donate
Rogers D Red Wings – Donate
SLP D Blue –Donate
SLP D Red –Donate
SLP D Sky Blue – Donate
SLP D White – Donate